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A New FX Pricing Frontier

Our Story

Inertially Ltd launched in 2020 with the primary goal of ‘doing things better’, by filling a notable niche in the FX market. The founding Partners were motivated to create an FX focussed company which was the first of its kind, that could help fill a void in the market, while also assisting clients in managing their FX risk and liquidity in a more robust, cohesive manner. The vision was to build an innovative, sustainable business that leveraged extensive industry experience to offer bespoke, customised and intricate market-leading services to our customer base.

With the ever-growing influence of foreign exchange instruments, Inertially’s aim was to provide proprietary, sophisticated FX pricing information to a wide range of industry participants, enabling a level of informed FX positioning that had not previously been possible. The Partners shared the belief that real-time, clean and transparent data is key to making informed trading decisions in the continually expanding FX market.


Based on a combined 50+ years of trading OTC and Listed FX Forwards & Swaps and a deep understanding of the risk factors that underpin such products, Inertially has built out a unique and powerful proprietary pricing platform which provides:

  • Bespoke, accurate streaming of FX Forward prices
  • Historical, cloud-based, FX pricing data
  • FX Forward pricing for all major currency pairs
  • Consultation services to global exchanges and clients
  • Liquidity to global markets utilising cutting edge technology

Our Mission

To be best in class, continuously challenge conventional boundaries and be admired for our boldness, innovation and integrity, whilst never losing sight of our clients’ interests.

Management Team



Malcolm founded Inertially with his business Partner, Samit Desai, in early 2020. Malcolm began his career at Bank of China, in London, as a Junior Money Markets Trader, before making the shift to Proprietary Trader at Goldenberg Hehmeyer. He ran successful Fixed Income and FX Swaps desks at Bank of China, OSTC, Goldenberg Hehmeyer and Jump Trading before moving to CME Group to run Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Product Development in the APAC region. Malcolm’s inquisitive mind feeds his reluctance to accept the status quo by challenging conventional wisdom and business logic to explore new markets and business niches. In his spare time, Malcolm is passionate about spending time with his family, going on long country walks with his two dogs and enjoying his newfound love for gardening.



Samit is a Partner at Inertially, based in London. He is a securities financing and derivatives SME, with a particular focus on liquidity and risk management. Samit started his career in commodities, at Shell Trading, before moving to ABN Amro / Royal Bank of Scotland, where he held several senior post-trade roles in both London and Singapore. Most recently, Samit was Managing Principal at Capco, leading their Collateral Management, Funding and Central Clearing practice. Samit is passionate about exerting positive change, fuelling innovation and embracing new technologies to 'do things better'. He has sat on respected industry panels and has written numerous articles on his areas of interest. Outside of work, Samit is a sports enthusiast, enjoys crime documentaries and is a keen amateur chef.

Data Solutions

Inertially’s proprietary, mathematical models provide sets of trade-able and indicative FX Forward prices to global exchanges and clients. Our streaming pricing utilises a sophisticated way to aggregate and predict the next price move in FX Forwards. Our fast, reliable and clean pricing enables greater client confidence in price discovery, irrespective of the market conditions.

Our clients have access to our extensive historical database, can use our technical analysis and leverage our charting tools for FX forwards, to help them make sensible decisions that align with their trading objectives. Being able to track and identify trends, pinpoint influential factors and assess the performance of markets, across defined time intervals, is crucial for successful trading outcomes.

Inertially data solutions aim to allow FX Forward traders to make better-informed decisions on FX hedging, liquidity and traded risk by providing more granular, real-time pricing, which is unique to us. The data streaming capability has been custom-built using deep industry expertise, keeping the essential day to day trader challenges and requirements firmly in mind.

Data Packages

Inertially’s data offering consists of two distinct parts:

1. A web-based application, covering 6 product sets, which provides instant access to Inertially’s proprietary, real-time pricing levels, across a selection of currency pairs and tenors, for all client types.

2. An Application Programming Interface (API), which provide all the benefits of our Web-App, but with enhanced precision due to secure platform connectivity and efficient delivery of data between Inertially’s API and client systems.

Inertially offers a variety of subscription options that enable flexibility for both new and on-boarded clients; we understand there are different market coverage needs and have therefore designed a range of packages that cover a broad spectrum of potential requirements.


  • Full access to market leading FX Forward and FX swap pricing across: G10 FX, Non G-10 FX Forwards, FX Forward Forwards and Asian EMFX
  • Select your own product sets to create a customised Web-App dashboard
  • User-friendly data interface
  • Access to historical FX Forward data
  • Charting tools & technical analysis
  • Full Inertially support
  • Un-interrupted mobile phone and desktop access

For pricing & package options, please contact us on


  • Comprehensive Global FX Forward pricing – for all 6 Web-App product sets:
    • FX Link – IMM Fwds
    • G10 FX Fwd-Fwds
    • CNH, INR, BRL, ZAR & RUB Fwds
    • Non-Asian EMFX Fwds
    • Asian EMFX Fwds
    • FX Link – Implied Yields
  • All the features and benefits of Flex-Plus
  • Automatic access to any newly launched product sets

For pricing & package options, please contact us on


  • All the features and benefits of Premium-Plus
  • Full access to all Global currencies
  • Connectivity to Inertially’s powerful API platform
  • Historical pricing database
  • Consume market data feeds for more than 40 currencies across varying maturities
  • Seamless client on-boarding experience
  • Full Inertially product support

For pricing & package options, please contact us on

Inertially Markets

Inertially Markets provide market-making services to global exchanges and clients.

As a reliable market-making partner, we commit our capital and use our extensive tool kit, to provide fast & consistently narrow markets.

We specialise in providing liquidity in a wide array of market conditions, particularly during periods of extreme stress and volatility.

We listen to our clients, assess the market at any given point in time and provide solutions to address specific client and market needs.

To discuss how we may be able to support you, please contact

FX Advisory

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), done well, can deliver enriched trading intelligence and ultimately help lower trading costs. Inertially is ready to guide you through key considerations in making optimal execution and clearing decisions. Furthermore, Inertially can facilitate deep-dives into the most favourable FX strategies that can both improve and complement existing practices.

Inertially offers sophisticated on-site and web-based consultancy services. We work with an array of clients across the buy and sell-side, exchanges and ECNs, brokers, traders and corporates to share our knowledge on different trading and market-making strategies. We can tailor our bespoke training to suit your specific organisational needs.

To discuss bespoke training and consultancy packages, please contact

Keys To Success

Our management team utilise their extensive industry experience across FX trading, risk analytics and liquidity to ensure that our strategy is always fit for purpose

Uncompromised integrity and robust risk management methodologies that stand up to scrutiny even in periods of extreme market stress

Systematic market-making, pricing and execution tools with a proven track history of yielding positive results in a variety of global markets

A clear vision and healthy, long-lasting client relationships and industry credibility, which enable and support incremental business growth

Continually striving to be better and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable; every day, we challenge the status quo to attain the best possible outcomes

Core Values


We will always do the right thing and conduct ourselves in the right way; our behaviour is ethical, lawful and always honest

Mutual Respect

We always treat our clients with the utmost respect and in the manner that we would expect to be treated ourselves


We love what we do, and it shines through in our results


Trust must be earned, built and retained - we promise to never take our clients for granted and to always look after their best interests

Accountability & Collaboration

We never shirk responsibility and work tirelessly with our clients to achieve their objectives

Pursuit of Excellence

We strive for the very best results using tried and tested business growth strategies

Our Markets

Live and indicative FX outright, FX Swaps, NDFs and FX Forwards.

Inertially provides strips of Spot starting G10 and EMFX FX pips and outrights to give you full visibility of most major FX Forward curves.

Inertially cover the following currencies and crosses within: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD, CHF, NOK. SEK, RUB, BRL, CLP, ZAR, HKD, CNH, INR, IDR, MYR, SGD, KRW, TWD, CZK, HUF, ILS, PLN, ROM, TRY, & MXN.

From our extensive currency base, we quote and price all forward starting FX Swaps out to 3 years. We provide a fast and reliable ‘Block Market Service’ for Listed FX Futures on the following exchanges: CME Group, ICE, DGCX, MOEX, SGX, HKEX.

We allow our clients access to our ‘house’ pricing for Basis Trades, packages, and Relative Value Spreads across multiple currencies, venues/CCPs, and maturities. Our clients benefit from trading complex strategies with one trade-able Bid-Ask.